Spary Foam Roof Pictures

Below you'll find several pictures of us spraying foam on various materials, for example: metal, wood, asphalt and so on. Perhaps the best way to see how well this foam covers is by checking out the video of us spraying foam towards the bottom of this page.

Spraying Foam on Brick Wall
spray foam on brick

Spraying Foam on Metal Roof
spray foam on metal roof

Cleaning Roof for Spray Foam
cleaning roof for foam

Tell Us about Your Roofing Needs

spray foam roofing

Spray Foam Roofing Video

Here's a quick video of us spraying foam on a brick wall, which was leaking water. This roof needed a long lasting system due to solar panels being installed, and we, at offer just that!

Once we are finish spray foaming your roof, our next step is to base coat the entire roof, which preps the roof for the top coat. The base coating is an acrylic base coating that serves two purposes, one of which is to have clean, adhering surface for the top coat. The other is 10-15 years later, the base coating will show through your top coat, which is an indicator it's time to re-top coat to preserve the foam. More on base coating.

The second step in our process is to top coat over our base coat. Our top coat is an even more durable acrylic base coating. This coating is specificly designed to last and withstand the elements. We can also add optional granules while the top coat is wet, which keeps the granules in place indefinitely. More on top coating.